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If it’s a business to business shipment, chances are pretty good we’ll move it. From food stuffs to advanced manufacturing, our customer base is as diverse as our network of transportation assets.

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What is Blanket Wrap Shipping?

Blanket wrap shipping is commonly used for delicate, oversized, or oddly shaped items. Instead of being packed in crates or boxes, the items are wrapped in heavy-duty blankets and secured carefully with straps. This method is often used to transport custom fabrications, signage, windows, furniture, commercial art installations, and other high-value or fragile items. Blankets provide additional padding and coverage for delicate cargo. Wrapped cargo can be loaded by your team or by our experienced professionals. Blanket wrap shipping is beneficial for ensuring the safe and secure transportation of fragile or valuable items by reducing the risk of damage during transit.

Why Choose Blanket Wrap Shipping for Fragile Items?

Blanket wrap shipping is ideal for items that can’t be packed using conventional methods like boxing or crating. Cargo is wrapped in layers of protective blankets, which provides a cushioned and secure environment during transit. Shippers who utilize this securement method frequently require trailers to be dropped on-site, where their team will load and secure the shipment over a few hours or days.


Blanket wrap shipping is recognized as an affordable alternative to custom crating. The soft blankets, pads, and straps are cost-effective for transporting fragile, delicate, or sensitive items. As a trusted provider among blanket wrap shipping companies, CargoRx ensures your cargo receives exceptional care through the secure wrapping and transport of your high-value cargo, delivering the perfect combination of security and affordability for transporting your goods.

Expertise in Handling and Transporting Delicate Freight

CargoRx handles and transports delicate freight with the utmost care and expertise. We have extensive experience providing pad wrap/blanket wrap shipping services, ensuring fragile items are protected during transit. Delicate items such as custom fabrications and uncrated machinery are great examples of goods transported using this service.

Blanket wrap shipping offers several benefits, including cost-effectiveness, eco-friendliness, and protection for fragile cargo. Specialized solutions like blanket wrapping are available for LTL freight, full truckload, and expedited freight shipments.

Experience Secure Blanket Wrap Shipping with CargoRx

Are you ready to transport your items securely? Choose CargoRx and benefit from our expert blanket wrap shipping solution. Call us today at 303.690.1818 or send us a message through our contact form. We are your trusted partner in providing efficient and secure blanket wrap shipping solutions.

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