Fragile Item Shipping Services

If it’s a business to business shipment, chances are pretty good we’ll move it. From food stuffs to advanced manufacturing, our customer base is as diverse as our network of transportation assets.

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Shipping fragile items requires extra care and expertise. At CargoRX, our fragile item shipping services ensure the safe delivery of your delicate items, from breakable products like antiques to large furniture pieces. We understand the unique challenges of shipping fragile shipments, including proper packaging, cushioning materials, and special care throughout the process. Whether you’re an established e-commerce business or an individual shipping a cherished heirloom, CargoRX provides peace of mind.

Comprehensive Solutions for Every Fragile Need

CargoRX goes beyond basic shipping options. We offer comprehensive end-to-end shipping solutions, including:

Experience the CargoRX Difference

Don’t settle for priority mail or standard shipping methods that could put your fragile items at risk. Choose CargoRX for specialized fragile item shipping services.

Reduced Risk of Damage

Our special services minimize the risk of broken products during transport.

Peace of Mind

With secure packaging, real-time tracking, and optional insurance coverage, you can relax knowing your fragile package is in good hands.

Streamlined Shipping Process

From obtaining a shipping quote to receiving your shipping label, our experts will handle all the details, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

Next Day Air

Consists of carriers with nightly cutoffs and next day arrivals – generally allows you to tender larger shipments and ensure delivery as next day arrival.

Next Flight Out

Works with carriers who provide varied flight schedules – generally an expeditious option with more stringent size and regulatory requirements.

Everything Else ...

Our carrier options are sufficient to create any customized air transportation option your shipment requires. Tell us what you have, and we’ll tell you what’s available!

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