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We provide U.S. domestic business-to-business shippers with a complete view of the transportation marketplace, including blanket wrap shipping services. Use us to find the next flight out or next day air options, or to source a dedicated truck, van, or car. Get direct Less Than Truckload (LTL) options that combine cost-efficiency and a reduction in transloading.You may also opt for hotshot delivery for urgent shipping needs or choose the most economical standard Less Than Truckload (LTL) option.  We put the national freight marketplace at your fingertips and let you choose the mode and carrier that is right for your cargo. To make shipping easy and efficient, our advanced platform includes multi-option pricing and ETAs on every shipment, integrated with contact-free electronic documentation, and real time geo-tracking for our carrier partners.

How it works for Customers

Connect to a vast network of shipping solutions by booking shipments with CargoRx:

Partner Carriers

We help carriers by exposing their available assets and capacity to our network of shippers. We also provide our carrier partners with access to enhanced application features and tools.


The CargoRx Vendor Application is the way in which our partner carrier dispatchers interface with our shipments ...

We offer a free mobile and desktop friendly web app that allows carriers to access shipment specific information, documentation, image capture, and geo-tracking for their own drivers. Engage with other transportation professionals with our in-app web chat. Use a single web application as the single source of truth for shipment documentation, status tracking, and communication.


Our Carrier App is a free standalone Transportation Management System (TMS) solution for you to use with your customers…

Select participants will be given access to integrated electronic documentation, driver assignment, geo-tracking, in-app chat functionality, as well as integrations with the CargoRx Driver App that provides drivers with the ability to complete documents electronically, live-load freight photos directly into each shipment, and update the status of the shipment being transported.  Accelerate your time to invoice by having instant access to the documents you need to get paid.   


Through the Carrier Application, partners will be able to post available capacity on a constant basis…

The MarketplaceRx engine is composed of algorithms that match available carrier capacity with shipping requests. Once matched, quoted, and booked, all documentation and rate confirmations will be generated automatically in electronic and PDF formats. Access to rate confirmations, driver dispatching, shipment details, freight images, multi-party chat, and driver tracking will be available to you as well.



Driving requires your full attention. Our download and login-free CargoLink features electronic documentation that allows drivers to collect vital signatures in real-time. CargoLink also provides several other value-adds such as freight image capture, hard copy document upload, status updating, and live tracking. This technology was designed to guide drivers seamlessly through the transport process without the constant distraction of having to call in with progress updates.

Pillars of Our Platform

We Revolutionize Transportation

The Big Idea

We Revolutionize Transportation

The Big Idea

Pillars of Our Platform


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