Shipping by air is one of many solutions offered within the CargoRx transportation marketplace.  By evaluating the origin, destination, ready time, weight, and dimensions of your shipment, we’ll present the options feasible to you.

Next Day Air

Consists of carriers with nightly cutoffs and next day arrivals – generally allows you to tender larger shipments and ensure delivery as next day arrival.

Next Flight Out

Works with carriers who provide varied flight schedules – generally an expeditious option with more stringent size and regulatory requirements.

Everything Else ...

Our carrier options are sufficient to create any customized air transportation option your shipment requires. Tell us what you have, and we’ll tell you what’s available!

Ground Transport

Believe it or not, there are a number of ways to move your cargo on the ground.  The CargoRx marketplace was designed to provide you with multiple options for your specific situation.

Dedicated Ground

Consider it your truck. That is, for the duration of the shipment. We have access to hundreds of dedicated carriers who operate dozens of equipment types. Our proprietary algorithms help us to evaluate what equipment and carriers are right for you.

Economy LTL

We interface with dozens of common and lesser-known carriers who provide the most economical shipping solutions. This exciting offer comes from our partnership with several hand selected carriers. Our rates may not be better than yours, but it’s probably worth a look.

Direct LTL

Unlike traditional hub and spoke LTL carriers who cross-dock and transfer freight multiple times per shipment, these carriers specialize in building loads so that your freight is only transferred once from the local truck to the linehaul truck. This is a great option for fragile higher value cargo.