Expedited Shipping Services

In today’s fast-paced world, speed is often a necessity. Businesses across North America expect their raw materials and finished goods to arrive quickly, and transportation companies who meet that expectation are more likely to win business and loyalty. CargoRx’s expedited offering will exceed your expectations. 

Expedited shipping prioritizes swift delivery, getting your shipments to customers significantly faster than standard shipping options. This type of shipping is ideal for situations where crews are waiting, and every minute down represents lost dollars.

Beyond Customer Satisfaction: A Competitive Advantage in Today's Supply Chain

In a highly competitive marketplace, faster delivery times can be the deciding factor for your customers. Your ability to provide reliable expedited shipping options may be the difference between closing a deal and losing it. With decades of expedited shipping experience across many industries, CargoRx is your trusted partner for expedited shipping.

The Benefits of Expedited Shipping for Businesses

There are numerous benefits to offering expedited shipping:

Flexibility and Tracking for Peace of Mind

CargoRx offers real-time updates that meet your specific needs and expectations. Your dedicated representative will work with you to understand when, where, and how you want updates on your expedited order. Whether you prefer text, email, or in-platform chat updates, CargoRx has you covered. For DIY types, log into your account and view the driver’s progress on a map and pictures of your cargo’s condition.

Next Day Air

Consists of carriers with nightly cutoffs and next day arrivals – generally allows you to tender larger shipments and ensure delivery as next day arrival.

Next Flight Out

Works with carriers who provide varied flight schedules – generally an expeditious option with more stringent size and regulatory requirements.

Everything Else ...

Our carrier options are sufficient to create any customized air transportation option your shipment requires. Tell us what you have, and we’ll tell you what’s available!

Types of Expedited Shipping Services to Fit Your Needs

Expedited shipping isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. There are various options available to meet specific needs and budgets:

  • Guaranteed Less-Than-Truckload: Do you need a blend of economy and precise timing? CargoRx’s guaranteed LTL services ensure that your shipment is priced more affordably than our dedicated options while still maintaining a strict delivery commitment.
  • Dedicated Equipment: This option may be required for larger shipments or shipments that move directly from the point of origin to the destination.
  • After-hours/Weekend/Holiday Service: A CargoRx specialist will work with you and your customers to coordinate seamless after-hours, weekend, and holiday pick-ups and deliveries.
  • Custom Services: CargoRx is a licensed Indirect Air Carrier and can provide air cargo services as needed.

CargoRX: Your Logistics Partner for Expedited Freight Shipping in North America

At CargoRx, we understand the importance of fast, reliable, and efficient shipping options for businesses across North America. We offer a comprehensive range of expedited freight shipping solutions tailored to your needs and deadlines, regardless of shipment size or weight.

We offer competitive expedited shipping costs without sacrificing speed or reliability. Whether you need a combination of economy and precise timing, dedicated equipment, or something more customized, CargoRx has the solution to meet your needs. Contact CargoRx today to discuss your expedited shipping needs and experience the difference a dedicated logistics partner can make!

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