What's Under the Hood

Electronic Documentation

Shippers and carriers will have full access to auto-generated documents that can be electronically signed or downloaded for physical signature.

Documents are instantly viewable within the platform once completed electronically or uploaded by the driver via image capture.  Our platform makes same day billing a reality for shipper and carriers.


Multiparty communication just got a whole lot easier. The CargoRx transportation platform provides a single-source of information for shippers and carriers.

With dedicated in-app instant messaging channels, no critical details are lost amid disparate text and email threads.


Ever wonder what your shipment looked like when it was loaded onto a truck, checked in for a flight, picked up from an airport, or delivered to the final recipient? 

CargoLook enables shippers and carriers to establish a photographic chronological record of a shipment’s condition throughout the shipping process.


A key innovation that provides drivers with access to electronic documentation, document uploads, CargoLook, status updates, and is the basis for geospatial tracking. 

This feature provides the ability to keep your documents organized and easy to reference  No pesky app download required!

The Human Element

Unlike other trans-tech companies, CargoRx was founded by transportation and logistics experts with  40 years of experience in the multi-modal transportation world.  

We have created an equilibrium between innovative technology and quality human interaction within the transportation procurement process.

Purpose Beyond Profit

Transparency lays the foundation for trust with shippers and carriers. A fully integrated online tracking, documentation, and communication system produces more than just transparency. It produces an ecosystem that more efficiently and effectively connects shippers and carriers.

Millions of tons of cargo capacity go unutilized each year.  Is this because shippers don’t need the space, or is it because they are unaware that it exists for their specific needs? While the answer probably lies somewhere in the middle, we’re sure that a better alignment of supply and demand will yield a positive environmental result. CargoRx is committed to building solutions that more effectively align the demand for shipping with multi-modal freight capacity.  We owe it to ourselves and to future generations.

Know Your Role

Our role is to perpetually seek out and promote the highest quality transportation assets and connect them with the highest quality shippers


To ensure we deliver a quality experience and comprehensive options, we’re currently working with select shipper partners.  If you’re interested in getting set up with CargoRx  and having access to a wide range of available carriers, geospatial and photo chronologic tracking, and integrated communication, please click I’d Like to Ship


For a transportation marketplace to be truly effective, it must provide mutual benefits for shippers and carriers. To that end, we are offering a free TMS system to carrier whose capacity and shipping lanes align with the needs of our shipper partners.  If you’d like to learn more, please click I’d Like to Carry


By driving the trucks, vans, and cars that transport goods across this country, you drive the economy.  Much of our technology was designed and built with driver interests in mind. If you’re an independent owner operator or contractor interested in how CargoRx can help your growing operation, please click I’d Like to Learn More

How We Can Work Together


We want to make it easy for you to get a hold of us if you need help. We offer 24/7 support so you can contact us if you have any questions.