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If it’s a business to business shipment, chances are pretty good we’ll move it. From food stuffs to advanced manufacturing, our customer base is as diverse as our network of transportation assets.

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Expert Special Equipment Solutions for Every Delivery Challenge

At CargoRx, we understand that moving oversized, delicate, or oddly shaped equipment can be a logistical nightmare. That’s where our specialized equipment and experienced crews come in. We are equipped to handle even the most unique delivery and placement situations, ensuring your valuable equipment arrives at its destination securely and efficiently.

Our Diverse Resources

We maintain a robust selection of specialty equipment to handle various delivery requirements. Our selection allows us to develop a customized approach for every job, regardless of your equipment’s size, weight, or specific needs. Our inventory includes, but is not limited to:

Forklifts (Standard and Reach)

For versatile lifting and maneuvering of palletized equipment.


Ideal for hand offloads at construction sites or facilities without docks, ramps, or forklifts.

Safe Jacks

Designed for safe and efficient lifting of heavy objects over short distances.

Window Cradles

Ideal for safely moving commercial or residential windows on and off of trailers.

Air Bags

Safely fill the space between fragile items to prevent shifting without the threat of damage caused by traditional straps and load bars.

Industrial Blankets and Pads

Create a buffer between fragile or easy to scratch surfaces and loading equipment or shipments within close proximity.

Wrecker Network

Great for safely offloading mobile equipment or awkward shipments that can’t be physically lifted or offloaded by forklift.

Common Industries Utilizing Specialty Equipment

We can handle the transportation of a wide variety of commodities and equipment, including:

Custom Installations

Commercial food shields, serving counters, shields, to name a few.

Technology and Electronics

Servers, electric switches, industrial switchboards, etc.

High Finish Goods

Signage, commercial furniture installations, countertops, commercial cooking equipment, and various fixtures.

Industrial Equipment

Raw materials, pumps, generators, transformers, motors, etc.

Mobile Units

Mobile kiosks, serving carts, recreational vehicles, forklifts, and various types of mobile equipment.

Production Equipment

Bottling, canning, and filling machines, conveyor systems, packaging machines, etc.

Exceeding Your Expectations

CargoRx goes beyond simply providing a truck and a driver. We understand the complexities that arise when moving specialty cargo. We serve customers who regularly require specialty equipment and have come to rely on CargoRx as the trusted resource for shipping specialty cargo.

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Don’t let special shipping needs slow you down! By partnering with CargoRx, you can focus on your core business activities while we handle the heavy lifting and specialty shipping. Contact us today to discuss your needs and receive a free quote. Whether you need to move a large pumping unit to Texas or a commercial kitchen installation to a job site, CargoRx has the experience and equipment to get the job done right.

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