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If it’s a business to business shipment, chances are pretty good we’ll move it. From food stuffs to advanced manufacturing, our customer base is as diverse as our network of transportation assets.

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At CargoRX, we redefine logistics with our state-of-the-art PTL transportation services, catering to the unique needs of U.S. domestic business-to-business shippers. Our PTL transport solutions provide a comprehensive view of the transportation marketplace, offering a balance between partial truckload shipment requirements and cost efficiency.

The Advantages of Partial Truckload Shipping

Partial load shipping offers key advantages for businesses that don’t require an entire trailer. This freight mode combines the flexibility of less-than-truckload (LTL) options with the efficiency of full truckload shipments. Benefits include:

Reduced transit times

Compared to LTL shipments that can experience multiple stops, PTL keeps your freight on a single truck for faster delivery.

Cost savings

You only pay for the trailer space your shipment occupies, avoiding extra charges associated with LTL's freight classification.

Greater cargo security

With fewer handling points, PTL reduces the risk of damage often associated with LTL shipments.

Partial Truckload Shipping: The CargoRX Advantage

CargoRX’s PTL transportation services optimize the advantages of partial shipping. You benefit from shared space on a truckload trailer without surrendering control. With direct access to our advanced platform and extensive network, shippers can make informed choices tailored to their unique situations and shipping cost needs.

PTL Transport with MarketplaceRx

Our Carrier Application allows partners to post available capacity on MarketplaceRx, a platform that precisely matches partial shipment requests with available trailer space. This ensures a seamless process, from competitive rates and documentation to driver dispatching and real-time tracking.

Next Day Air

Consists of carriers with nightly cutoffs and next day arrivals – generally allows you to tender larger shipments and ensure delivery as next day arrival.

Next Flight Out

Works with carriers who provide varied flight schedules – generally an expeditious option with more stringent size and regulatory requirements.

Everything Else ...

Our carrier options are sufficient to create any customized air transportation option your shipment requires. Tell us what you have, and we’ll tell you what’s available!

Enhance Your Partial Truckload Logistics with CargoRX

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